Business Matching
Last April, 2559, Bangkok International Digital Content Festival 2016 (BIDC) was held by DITP who cooperatedwith SIPA and 5 Digital Content organization consisted of TACGA, TGA, e-LAT, DCAT and BASA for :
  • Driving animation and games business in digital creative economy of Thailand.
  • Finding new partners and confederation for business and target countries,
  • Leading to business networking both at a national and international level.
  • In addition, motivating the entertainment entrepreneurs in Thailand to adapt and improve competitiveness in the international forum.
  • Creating opportunities for Thai entrepreneurs accessing source of investment funds for media production as well.
We are pleased to invite more than 40 famous international entrepreneurs around the world from USA, UK, France, Netherland, Australia, Japan, South Korea, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Cambodia and Laos such as Turner International Asia Pacific Limited, SK Broadband, Spil games, DeNA West, Electronic Arts. According to their successful business matching anytime ago, it leads to adding value to business in Thailand and also proved that international entrepreneurs believe in competency of Thai industries; therefore, they get ready for business negotiations with Thai entrepreneurs.
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International Entrepreneurs