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BIDC 2018

Bangkok International Digital Content Festival (BIDC) is Thailand’s largest annual digital content event first organized in 2014 by various industrial representatives and the Thai government to showcases our creative industries in e-Learning, Emerging Tech, Animation, Visual Effect, Game and Character.

This year, BIDC will be at the InterContinental Bangkok, 11-13 June 2018. We hope you can join us in the most exciting Digital Content event in Asia.






BIDC 2018 is a collaboration of Digital Economy Promotion Agency, Ministry Digital Economy and Society (depa) in cooperation with Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce (DITP), E-Learning Association of Thailand (e-LAT), Thai Animation & Computer Graphic Association (TACGA), Thai Game Software Industry Association (TGA), Digital Content Association of Thai (DCAT), Bangkok ACM SIGGRAPH Association (BASA), together with Thai Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB). This collaboration is a full range between government and private sectors. BIDC 2018 is held for the fifth time under the concept of “Digital Carnival”, which allows both domestic and international content providers to meet, exchange experiences and create business negotiation that leads to cooperation in production and distribution, including strengthen the Digital Startup entrepreneur to become more internationalized.

Royal Paragon Hall: 8-10 June 2018

Digital Content Showcase ( within Asia Comic Con 2018)
Including e-Learning, Emerging Tech, Animation, Visual Effect, Game and Character

Inter Continental Hotel: 11 Jun 2018

10.00-12.00 Opening Ceremony, MOU, BIDC Awards
Signing Ceremony between TACGA with FCCA(Fukuoka creative content association) , Signing Ceremony between Animation Series Co-production between Teteru fro Korea and Ezz Production Thailand.
The “BIDC” Digital Content Industry Awards to outstanding Thai Entrepreneurs in the total of 24 awards in 2018.

11-12 June 2018

9.00-17.00 Business Matching : We invited foreign entrepreneurs from around the world, regionally and internationally from game, animation and digital content industry.

13 June 2018

9.00-18.00 Seminar and Workshops  : By experts in various industries, internationally and domestically to share their knowledges and experiences.


Business Matching

In 2018, BIDC 2018 trade talks will be held from 11th to 12th June 2018 at the Ballroom, The InterContinental Bangkok one of the highlights of the event. It is considered to be opportunity for potential entrepreneurs and new entrepreneurs over 60 companies from Thailand to negotiated with 35 international companies from around the world, including Australia, China, Malaysia, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Cambodia, Vietnam. The event is aimed to create business network between domestic and international company.

  1. CCTV Animation from People’s Republic of China; major station in the country with highest view; it is great opportunity for Thai animation production.
  2. GRAVITY Production, leading game studio from South Korea, who is the creator of Ragnarok.
  3. ASTRO, leading TV channel in Malaysia.


These companies will come for trade talks and trade show to create inspiration. This will lead to the creation of economic trade values and the exchange of experiences, including e-Learning, Emerging Tech, Animation, Visual effect, Game and Character knowledge to create sustainable creativity. It encourages digital content entrepreneurs to adapt and compete at the international level and also provides an opportunity for Thai entrepreneurs to have access to capital resources for further production

Seminars & Workshop
3:30 PM – 5:00 PM InterContinental Hotel: Seminar Room A
Introduce new features of the latest Arnold and give useful tips to optimize rendering.
Speakers :
3:30 PM – 5:00 PM InterContinental Hotel: Seminar Room B
Speakers :
Raising Fund Using Initial Coin Offering & Initial License Offering
9:30 AM – 11:00 AM InterContinental Hotel: Seminar Room B
In this presentation, the ICO principle will be explained and case studies will be presented. The legal limitation of this type of fundraising will be discussed. Specific cases in content projects will be summarized and some useful suggestion for Thai content entrepreneur will be suggested. Then, a new instrument for raising fund called ILO will be explained. The reasons why ILO will be accepted will be stated. Example of launching an ILO will be outlined and the legal limitation will be discussed. Finally, the cost of launching both ICO and ILO will be illustrated.
Speakers :
Designing Missions in Open World Game
1:30 PM – 3:00 PM InterContinental Hotel: Seminar Room B
The game industry has slowly shifted from linear games to open world games filled with gameplay opportunities and offering players freedom. We, developers, then had to adapt how we tell stories, how we build games.

We needed to understand how to craft games that are able to capture players’ attention and thus allow us to win the battle for players’ time.

From Level design to World design, this presentation explores the nature of traditional mission structure and its evolution into open worlds full with endless activities. It is focusing on how and why the two different structures can coexist and what are the different concepts of mission creation in such vibrant worlds.
Speakers :
AI & BLOCKCHAIN: The Innovation for next generation e-Learning
11:00 AM – 12:30 PM InterContinental Hotel: Seminar Room B
AI-MR & Block Chain for Next Generation e-Learning
Speakers :
From the Classical to the Digital
10:00 AM – 12:00 PM InterContinental Hotel: Seminar Room A
This session aims to show attendees a series of tried and true techniques to build a visual experience in game or film from the ground up, quickly and efficiently. The masters have passed down for generations, solid working methods and pipelines that can be utilized in modern digital techniques. Being trained in the atelier method from a modern master; helped provide me insight to think outside the box in the digital world. Working on a new IP’s and moving forward in actual game production doesn’t mix. How to create “proxy” art that is effective; created with the mindset of continuous improvement, while keeping it technically useful is key. These choices can make or break a project. Making a game or creating VFX for new movie IP’s is like building a car while driving it. We will explore the process of proper building blocks, used in the top movie and game studios to create new IP’s with vibrant fresh visuals quickly and effectively. Standing on other’s shoulders in a creative sense will boost any artist no matter what their skillset is, ranging from a student to a seasoned veteran. Photo-bashing, color overlays, 3d mockups, are all new variations of old techniques. Using inspiration or “borrowing” compositions, poses, lighting scenarios from a range of sources to boost your images narrative will be covered in this talk.
Speakers :
Character talk with Arut Tantasirin
1:30 PM – 3:00 PM InterContinental Hotel: Seminar Room C
Arut Tantasirin, an Emmy award nominated animator and creator of WarbieYama, will be sharing his experiences and inspiration of creating beloved characters and brand development
Speakers :
Global Animation Industry and Opportunities with 2D Digital Animation
11:00 AM – 12:30 PM InterContinental Hotel: Seminar Room C
Animated content production is at an all-time level driven by the growing demand from major studios, producers and broadcasting companies. The industry forecast an extra $100 billions of business in the next 5 years, 2D digital animation being one of the fastest growing segments, driven by TV and Online series production.

Toon Boom Animation as the leading storyboarding and 2D animation software provider positions itself to build an ecosystem supporting the industry to answer the growing demand for shows:

By collaborating with studios, supporting their production pipeline, consulting and advising on technology and business with the ultimate goal of facilitating introductions with its partners around the world.

By providing studios new technology for 2D digital animation making animation production faster and higher quality than ever before.
Speakers :
XR & Robotics Control
1.30 PM - 3.00 PM InterContinental Hotel: Seminar Room A
XR is rapidly growing both technology and market except entertainment market. However, we are reusing XR technology for the new entertainment market. This technology becomes a bridge between the sensor, high-density monitor, high-speed image recognition and kinematics. - In this session, we will introduce new opportunity and production process include robotics.
Speakers :
Preparing Student Portfolio for AAA Game Studio
3:30 PM – 5:00 PM InterContinental Hotel: Seminar Room C
Before embarking on a new kind of your career in the Hi-End level industry, you will need to be ready and be prepared with the right guidance and tutelage, not only hone their skills, but to instill the right “4M” in mentality, mindset, motivation, and manner. The reflection on how education and proper training will enhance the readiness for students will be discussed in this presentation.
Speakers :
9:30 AM – 11:00 AM InterContinental Hotel: Seminar Room C
With the help of Shotgun software, we were able to produce nearly 400 projects a year.
- In this presentation, they would like to talk about how it was possible to do so.
Speakers :
9:30 AM – 11:00 AM InterContinental Hotel: Seminar Room C
With the help of Shotgun software, we were able to produce nearly 400 projects a year. - In this presentation, they would like to talk about how it was possible to do so.
Speakers :
BIDC 2018 news update...stay tune for more information
01 August, 2018
It was the successful year for BIDC 2018, see you next year...   อ่านต่อ....
13 June, 2018
สำหรับผู้ที่สนใจในเรื่องของเทรนทางด้านเทคโนโลยี ทั้ง AR, VR, Cross Reality (XR)    อ่านต่อ....
13 June, 2018
คุณนรเศรษฐ์ ฤกษ์ขจรเกียรติ อาจารย์จากสถาบัน Digipen Institute of Technology    อ่านต่อ....
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